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Enterprise Agile & Product Coach

With a fifteen year foundation as an technology leader in the security and non-profit sectors, I've spent the last decade helping people and organizations use agile disciplines and product practices to embrace change and deliver things that delight their customers.

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  • City: Richmond, Virginia, USA

I've been an Agile and Product Coach for more than a decade, working with clients in the for-profit, non-profit, and federal public sectors. I've helped clients ranging in size from small startups to Fortune 100 corporations leverage agile principles and practices to deliver incrementally and iteratively.

As organizations embrace change, I help team members, whole teams, systems, and leaders deliver outcomes that matter and embrace positive change.


Work I've Done


Braswell Brandt

Twenty-five years of experience as a technology leader, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach, working in the non-profit, for-profit, and federal government sectors, helping startups to Fortune 100 clients become agile-aligned organizations delivering outcomes that delight their customers.


Independent Agile Coach and Trainer

2019 - Present

Richmond, VA and Client Sites

I work with select clients, offering coaching and training services to help them understand and implement the principles and practices of agility. I typically remain framework and practice agnostic, focusing instead on my clients' specific needs and unique culture.

President, Agile Richmond

2019 – Present

Richmond, VA

Since 2019, I've led the Board of Agile Richmond, the community non-profit supporting Agile practitioners and companies in the Central Virginia region and beyond. The highlight of our programs is InnoVAte Virginia, our annual conference serving an average of 1,500 members of our community.

Enterprise Agile Coach and Consultant with Eliassen Inc.

2020 - Present

Richmond, VA and Client Sites

I'm currently working with a Fortune 50 client in the financial services sector, helping the people, teams, and leaders in a critical cross-cutting program understand, embrace, and deliver products that help the whole company meet customer needs quickly with the highest quality in a highly-regulated industry.

Enterprise Agile & Product Coach at CirrusLabs

2019 – 2020

Richmond, VA and Client Sites

At CirrusLabs, I worked to help one of The Big Four consulting companies, and a Fortune 50 company, understand and implement Agile practices using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Helping lead a team of Agile Coaches, I primarily worked with client leaders as they shifted their practices and own personal leadership to become more agile-aligned, and support their organizational change.

I also worked with a Fortune 100 financial services client inspect, adapt, and expand their adoption of Agile practices in their credit card operations division, where we aligned teams around value, shortened delivery cycle times, and increased quality while migrating infrastructure to cloud platform providers.

Enterprise Agile Coach at Agile Velocity

2017 – 2019

Richmond, VA, Austin, TX, and Client Sites

While at Agile Velocity, I worked with a major US airline to implement rapid experimentation to delight customers and increase booking revenue; I worked with a major insurance company to scale agile practices across their entire organization; and I worked with startups in and around the Austin area to rapidly respond to market and customer demands.

Sr. Agile Coach & Engagement Lead at SolutionsIQ

2014 – 2017

Richmond, VA, and Client Sites

At SolutionsIQ, I led a team of 20+ coaches and consultants as we helped a large Fortune 100 financial services company adopt agility in their marketing operations division. Based on that success, our team then replicated our success for their entire retail banking division, where we applied agility practices in marketing, operations, and even retail construction efforts.

Sr. Diretor of Technology at GuideStar USA

2005 – 2014

Williamsburg, VA

While at GuideStar, I held many roles – from Director of Enterprise Development to Senior Director of Technology Strategy. In addition, I also started GuideStar's adoption of Agile and Scrum, serving as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and de facto Agile Coach – helping stand up teams, train and coach peers, managers, and leaders across the organization.

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